Voices can be heard telling that the village of Toro, which had been occupied by the Portuguese in 1476, had known the extraordinary bravery of a woman with huge love to its homeland, our Antona. A noble and loyal woman of great courage who showed to the Castilian troops of the Catholic Monarchs (span. Reyes Católicos) a secret entrance gate, which they used to enter the city and recapture Toro.


Because of this act and misfortune of fate, Antona García was accused of betrayal and was punished with the garrote vil, a Spanish execution device, at the bars of its own palace. Some days later, a triumphant Mrs. Isabella of Castille would visit Toro to honor Antona García, she ordered to gild the bars of its palace, where Antona fought hard, and by this the queen made shine the memories of this woman until the end of the days.


Antona García is part of Toro’s history and therefore of Rejadorada.

This is the most personal wine of Mario Remesal, who is now leading Rejadorada, following the ideas of its predecessor Luis Remesal together with the techniques of Chencho alias José Antonio Fernández. Because of the eagerness, that characterizes our cellar, in looking for new and passionating challenges we have now created a delicate and elegant wine that lives up to a noble woman like Antona García.


With this wine we have unified the fruity expression, so characteristic for the grape Tinta de Toro, with a complex touch of ageing in oak barrels, while respecting its origin at every moment.

With Antona García we will find a memorable wine of great delicacy and elegance. Our Antona is tradition, is Toro, and is Rejadorada.


Delicate and elegant, intensive and with personality, it reflects the honor and bravery of Antona in a glass of wine. Antona García surprises us with the harmony of fruitiness and mineral content of the Tinta de Toro grapes, along with traditional elaboration and ageing in selected oak barrels.

After selecting the grapes manually at the table, being all grapes collected from the same vineyard (Finca Miralmonte. 1953. Clayey ground with some pebbles), we cold macerate the fruit and afterwards it will be fermented during 21-23 days at not more than 23 º C. The ageing lasts 11 months in French, Hungarian and American oak barrels. This is how we achieve a wine with great fruitiness and a clear wooden structure, while the characteristic features and identity of the Tinta de Toro variety predominate: elegant and delicate in our glass.

  • Colour: dark red with clear ruby shades which reflect the great chromatic potential and the wines perfect ageing ability.
  • Nose: complex and intense scent, with spicy, balsamic and mineral notes mixed with the color of dark fruits.

Mouthfeel: vivid and balanced with a long and tasty aftertaste in the mouth.

Consumption: enjoy Antona García between 14 º-16 º C, decanting it previously to discover all its aromatic potential.

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